Applied Kinesiology was first developed in 1964 by an innovative American chiropractor, George Goodheart. Goodheart started to use muscle monitoring to strengthen weak muscles and evaluate the effectiveness of his treatments. In the following years, he continued experimenting and sharing his findings with other chiropractors and health practitioners. Today, Kinesiology has a much broader definition:

“Kinesiology is a safe, natural therapy which uses gentle muscle monitoring to assess a person’s general well being, correct any energetic imbalances and restore optimal emotional, physical and spiritual health.”

In a healthy person, the body has a remarkable ability to self-heal and adapt to change, both internal and external. However, life often presents us with challenges and layers of stress can build up over time until the person is no longer able to function effectively and enjoy life. The breakdown of the delicate energy balance within the body results in physical, emotional or mental symptoms. This is when Kinesiology can really change your life around, with deep and lasting results achieved very quickly.

Using muscle monitoring feedback, I can find out where the energy blockages are and redirect the energy flow to areas of dis/ease needing healing. So the client’s own “bio-computer” directs the course of the balance (healing session) and I then interpret and act on the information communicated by the body. Once the blockages are removed, the body is then able to heal itself naturally, allowing the various signs and symptoms of dis/ease to disappear.

Kinesiology uses concepts derived from oriental Chinese medicine (ex: meridian energy flow) and Western medicine (ex: anatomy and physiology).

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