How does it work? Why test muscles?

Muscles hold a very important place in our body as there are over 650 muscles in a human being. All our life’s experiences and traumas are recorded in our cells, including muscle cells. Therefore, muscles are a part of the body’s communication system. Messages are continually sent from the muscles to the brain via the nervous system and vice-versa. When I muscle test, I am tuning into this communication system and finding out the messages that your body has stored.

It sounds like magic but when you understand that each muscle is connected not only to our nervous system, but also to our hormonal system (glands) and to our organs and meridians (channels of energy used in Chinese medicine, which are influenced by our emotions), it all make sense! For me, conducting a Kinesiology balance is like having a conversation with your body.


The Body Never Lies!

The muscle response indicates straight away areas of energetic imbalances. This eliminates the need for guesswork! If the energy in specific meridians or areas of the body is blocked or turned off, the muscle will react as “weak” or “unlocked” or “switched off”.

For instance, testing a muscle can give feedback concerning the energy flow to a specific organ or it can reveal glandular malfunctions and therefore hormonal imbalances. Also, as each meridian corresponds to a specific emotion (fear, anxiety, grief, anger etc.), it is important to rebalance the energy flow so the person can feel balanced and at peace once again.

Any internal or external stress happening in daily life can create an energy imbalance. For example, a blockage observed now in a meridian pathway can be explained by an experience which happened 15 years ago and profoundly affected the person (i.e. the death of a loved one, a divorce etc.).

This original event can set up a pattern of behaviour and beliefs that are actually causing and maintaining the client’s current issue. Through muscle testing, the body can indicate the original cause of the current energy imbalance. For the client, the new understanding of the patterns present in their life together with corrective techniques used to clear the original stress and subsequent related stresses often leads to incredible results and complete healing on all levels.


Martine Bass Kinesiolgy

Martine Bass Kinesiology