Who can benefit?

Anyone can benefit from a Kinesiology balance: children, babies, adolescents and adults.

Clients come to me with different aims in mind; for example to seek help for a physical complaint, a pattern of behaviour or beliefs they want to change (e.g. feelings of unworthiness), a skill they want to improve, emotional problems they want to deal with or simply because they feel that nothing is going right in their life and they lack a sense of purpose…

Anybody, at any stage in their life can be “knocked off balance” by external events or internal influences; these can include the diagnosis of a disease, a death in the family, the break-up of a relationship, a car accident, the birth of a baby etc.

Whatever the issue you are facing right now, Kinesiology can help restore balance in your life.

As your body guides the balance, each session is totally individual and tailored to your needs at the time. Your body, through muscle monitoring, even chooses the corrective techniques that will help it heal. This eliminates the need for guesswork! This is why progress is achieved so quickly and powerful changes can be felt even after just one session!

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