I have a 9 year old boy, who has very low self-esteem and confidence issues, or should I say had !! We had been going to see Martine for only a few sessions and noticed a huge improvement in our son. Now he is trying things he would normally have shied away from and has developed a beautiful confidence about himself that makes me want to cuddle Martine every time we visit. We have also seen a big improvement in his schoolwork and attitude to school in general. I might not understand completely how it all works but I know that for us it is working!! I couldn’t speak more highly of Martine and her practice and am truly grateful to have been referred to her!
L.G. Narara, NSW

My 7 year old daughter had this persistent barking cough which lasted the whole winter of 2002 (3 months). After X-rays and tests, the doctors said it wasn’t asthma nor croup but as they didn’t know what else to do, they prescribed two different puffers for her to use. Needless to say they didn’t work. This year, she started coughing again at the beginning of winter. This time, I took her to see Martine who, through muscle testing, traced the problem back to my daughter’s birth 5 weeks early and her inability to express her sadness and anger at her twin’s death in utero. She thereafter developed a pattern of problems with self-expression which manifested as a cough and weakness in the throat and lungs, aggravated by the cold weather. Martine started working on my daughter at the beginning of June and by the end of June, her cough had disappeared completely. It was such a relief as last year, her three month cough had made her feel constantly tired and unhappy and her school work had suffered as a result.
M.H. Narara, NSW

Before I went to Kinesiology, I was suffering from Glandular Fever, which brought on serious energy loss and depression. I missed work for weeks on end, some days unable to move out of bed. 
I did not know anything about Kinesiology but decided to give it a try. After only one session, I could notice an improvement straight away. A week later, I was on the road to recovery, even resuming running and sport again. It felt like an amazing transformation.
F.W. Berkeley Vale, NSW

Feeling very stressed, with ongoing headaches and tiredness prompted me to see Martine. I was holding onto feelings from a hurtful past which made health problems manifest in my body. Martine has worked through my emotional issues by using kinesiology to pinpoint “my triggers”. This has helped me so much, as I have lost weight, I have lots of energy. I am able to “let go” of things that are out of my control or are not my issues, and I feel great. I owe a great deal to Martine and would recommend her to anyone not feeling at their best.
Thank You Martine
V.N. Erina, NSW

Last year, my 5 year old daughter jumped on me without warning and I instantly felt my back and neck give out. I thought the pain would go away but it progressively got worse to the point where I couldn’t move my neck at all. In agony, I went to see Martine and within an hour my back became a lot freer and I could move my neck. Within a couple of days the pain had gone completely.
M.J. Gosford, NSW

I had a frozen shoulder for months which limited my mobility and functioning. My wife recommended that I attend Martine Bass Kinesiology practice for treatment. After 2 treatments I have been pain free and my function has returned allowing me to resume my hobbies and have an improved quality of life.
A.B. Wyoming, NSW

After suffering excruciating agony with my sacroiliac joint I have been pain free since only one treatment of Kinesiology by Martine Bass . She has also helped me with the emotional stress of the death of my mother and resetting my biological clock which drifts due to constant shift work. I have no hesitation in recommending her practice knowing your desired outcome will be reached.
R.B. Wyoming, NSW